What inspires my style
Love. Joy. Nature. Authenticity. Light.

Photography for me has so many layers, but at it’s essence it is the art of storytelling through imagery. Tiny moments of realness that no one seems to notice but that together make up so much of what we are and how we love. Like, the way her lips quiver before a smile, or the way he holds her shoulder gently as they kiss. These are the details and moments I want to capture.

Here on Vancouver Island I am endlessly in awe of the beauty of what I am lucky enough to call my back yard. I draw inspiration from the whole environment: the ocean, the mountains, the rugged coastline and of course the amazing people in front of my lens.

I consider it a honour to photograph people’s most precious moments in life. I am drawn to the challenge of capturing authentic character and emotional beauty. I love the art of what I do deeply and cherish each client relationship.

Every photo session is completely unique because no two people are alike. Neither is the day: the light, the weather, the season all effect and change the image. I often go to bed dreaming up unique compositions I would like to create. I am endlessly excited about my field and where it can take me.

friends call me Koy

Hi, there! Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to get to know me.

I am a lover of the arts and the often overlooked intimate beauties of everyday life. I am fascinated by human nature and the eccentricities that make us each unique. Before photography I actually studied psychology and anthropology while photography and other forms of art took a back seat. My passion for the arts became professional in large part because of the amazing support of my community. People like you who value what I do and make it possible for me to make photography my career.

I specialize in lifestyle and natural light photography. With a focus in editorial portraitures, passionate & adventurous weddings and elopements, all things family as well as commercial photography. Experienced, creative and fun, I will encourage my clients to look like the best versions of themselves. To honestly capture connection and candid emotion. More than anything, I value authenticity. I will take the time to get to know you, to listen to what you want from your photos and the story of you. Together, we will create beautiful images that say everything you feel but could never have found to words to say.



Let’s get personal… I have been with my husband for most of my adult life. Together, we have accomplished great things and continue to inspire each other. We fell in love through a shared spirit for adventure and travel. Exploring many places around the world before resettling back on the West Coast.

Together, we have two children — most vivacious and extraordinary little girl and the sweetest, happy go lucky little guy. Being a mother is the greatest gift I could have ever dreamed of and ever single day I feel blessed they chose me. It allows me an even deeper understanding of the importance of taking photos. It is my way to capture time and a moment forever as our memories fail us. My deep love for my family has given me the gift of capturing images full of real emotion, because I now understand how important it is to capture what is most dear to us: love.